Salt Dubai – Airstream, Lotus Love, Kite Beach

Salt Dubai

I remember when SALT was just a small “airstream kiosk” and you had to regularly check their twitter account to know if they were open for business that day. This was before they became a permanent fixture at Kite Beach. And my, oh my! They’ve certainly come a long, long way mashaAllah 🙂 I’m proud of the two founders, they pursued their dreams and found great success.

Sadly, their Wagyu Cheeseburgers and Cheetos Chicken Cheeseburgers failed to sweep me off my feet. I appreciate that their beef patties are freshly ground and hand-formed, and that their chicken patties are coated in crushed Cheetos, but honestly all I could taste was…well, salt. (Oh, the irony.) Like when you accidentally swallow a big gulp of sea water, or when you accidentally spoon salt instead of sugar into your cup of coffee. Quite unpleasant.

Luckily, its one saving grace is Lotus. That is, their Lotus Soft Serve and Lotus Milkshake! OMGGGG. Every time I visit Dubai, I have to get my Lotus fix at Salt at least once or I’ll kick myself in the shin!

My foodie senses are tingling, and its telling me you’ll fall head over heels in love with them too. 😉

Salt Dubai

Fantastic decor, guys!

Salt Dubai

Can’t get enough of their design.

Salt Dubai

X2 Wagyu Beef Cheeseburger (Singles) for AED 25 + X2 Cheetos Chicken Cheeseburgers for AED 40

Salt Dubai Lotus Ice Cream

Lotus Soft Serve baby!!!! Heck yeah!!!

Salt Dubai Lotus

1 is never enough. But I guess we can always come again tomorrow. LOL

Salt Dubai Lotus Milkshake

Glorious Lotus Milkshake. Oh baby, how I adore you ♫

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