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Go Fish Vancouver

As seen on Snapchat: 1 piece Halibut and Salted Chips ($13) + 1 piece Salmon ($6.50) + Wasabi Mayo ($0.50) + Extra Tartar Sauce ($0.50) + Tangy “Asian-Style” Coleslaw + Ketchup + Malt Vinegar = $22.00 including tips and tax


Also: check out a more detailed post about Go Fish here from 2015 ūüôā

Ma Dang Goul Vancouver

Beef Jabchae: stir-fried glass noodles with beef and vegetables | $15.95 | 8/10

MDG and I have a relationship that spans a decade. We’ve been through a lot together. A lot of cravings together, that is. 😅

I usually order the Beef Jabchae and Yangnyum Chicken, though I like to order their Galbitang (beef short ribs, radish, green onions, glass noodle and egg in rich beef broth $12.95) from time to time.

Expect to wait in line if you go during dinner. Prices have increased year after year, but if you’re treating yourself than you might as well give MDG a go. 😘

Ma Dang Goul Vancouver

Yangnyum Chicken: deep-fried chicken marinated in sweet Korean chili sauce | $19.95 | 7.8/10

Salt Dubai

I remember when SALT was just¬†a small “airstream kiosk” and you had to regularly check their twitter account to know if they were open for business that day.¬†This was¬†before they became a permanent fixture¬†at Kite Beach. And my, oh my! They’ve certainly come a long, long way mashaAllah¬†ūüôā I’m proud of the two founders, they pursued their dreams and found great success.

Sadly, their Wagyu Cheeseburgers and Cheetos Chicken Cheeseburgers failed to sweep me off my feet. I appreciate that their beef patties are freshly ground and hand-formed, and that their chicken patties are coated in crushed Cheetos, but honestly all I could taste was…well, salt. (Oh, the irony.) Like when you accidentally swallow a big gulp of sea¬†water, or when you accidentally spoon¬†salt instead of sugar into your cup of coffee. Quite unpleasant.

Luckily, its one saving grace is¬†Lotus. That is, their Lotus Soft Serve and Lotus Milkshake! OMGGGG. Every time I visit Dubai, I have to get my Lotus fix at Salt at least once or¬†I’ll¬†kick myself in the shin!

My foodie senses are tingling, and its telling me you’ll fall head over heels in love with them too. ūüėČ

Salt Dubai

Fantastic decor, guys!

Salt Dubai

Can’t get enough of their design.

Salt Dubai

X2 Wagyu Beef Cheeseburger (Singles) for AED 25 + X2 Cheetos Chicken Cheeseburgers for AED 40

Salt Dubai Lotus Ice Cream

Lotus Soft Serve baby!!!! Heck yeah!!!

Salt Dubai Lotus

1 is never enough. But I guess we can always come again tomorrow. LOL

Salt Dubai Lotus Milkshake

Glorious Lotus Milkshake. Oh baby,¬†how I adore you ‚ôę

Cheeseburger 100

The two most important bites of any meal for me are the very first and the very last. (You too??)¬†So any dish that makes me remember the first bite, the last bite, and every bite in between is a clear winner. And let me tell you, there aren’t many meals like that around. So when it happens, I give them a¬†The Best Damn Thing I Ever Ate Award and try to tell as many people about it as possible.

Okay, technically there are no fancy crystal plaques with gold embedded text to hand out…but, the idea — the SPIRIT¬†— of the award exists. In our hearts! …Or erm, in my heart. So¬†we’re sticking to it.

Every week I’ll pick a few holy-cow-what-am-I-eating-and-where-has-it-BEEN-my-entire-LIFE!??!! dishes/meals to¬†add to this list in no particular order. If you see extra hearts, it just means it’s extra extra loved. Anything listed can get knocked off at any time so don’t be shocked. Tune in weekly, add them to YOUR list, and pass it on. Enjoy! 😎¬†😙


The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

1. Tortilla de Patatas “New Way” from The Bazaar Beverly Hills¬†2016 Summer/2017 Spring

This deconstructed version of the Spanish Omelette features potato foam, egg cooked at a holding temperature of 63¬įC, and caramelized onion puffs. WOW! Talk about¬†a jaw-dropping experience.

Dim Sum Brunch at Hakkasan Dubai

2. Taro and Crab Croquette from Hakkasan Dubai 2015 Spring

Modeled after the classic Cantonese dim sum dish “Woo Kok” or Fried Taro Puff, this halal version unexpectedly swept me off my feet! As you may know, the original version features a minced pork filling. Hakkasan Dubai uses fresh crab meat…and kudos to them for it!

Sushi Sandwich at Isao Bangkok

3. Sushi Sandwich from Isao Bangkok 2015 Summer

Isao fills this rice sandwich with a creamy mixture of mayo, spring onion, and minced salmon and tuna before dipping it in a tempura batter and frying it off. It gets the tobiko treatment just before plating. Seriously, this dish is as good as it looks and sounds. Not one to be missed!

Junoon Dubai - FALOODA

4. “New” Falooda from Junoon Dubai 2015 Spring/2016 Winter

This is an innovative twist to the classic Indian dessert “falooda”. Traditionally it is made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, and pieces of jelly with milk, and often topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.¬†Junoon’s version features a chocolate sphere filled with rose rabdi (sweet thickened milk) sitting on a block of almond milk sorbet and blackberry jelly. When you¬†crack the sphere¬†with a spoon, the rabdi lava oozes out to blend with the bed of ingredients. AMAZING!

La Petite Maison Dubai

5. Burrata et Tomates from La Petite Maison Dubai 2015 Spring

Exactly as it is written, this creamy cheese made from¬†mozzarella¬†and cream is highlighted by fresh tomatoes, basil and a generous¬†drizzle of quality olive oil. Until today, I have yet to taste a better burrata than the one at LPM. And trust me, I’ve tried burrata in at least 4 other countries. Mamma mia!¬†I want¬†to eat more!

Hoja Santa Barcelona - CAESAR CHICKEN SKIN

6. Caesar Chicken Skin from Hoja Santa Barcelona 2016 Spring

Are you quickly realizing I have a thing for “deconstructed” dishes? Yup, you caught¬†me. That’s why this dish made it onto the list! A deconstructed chicken caesar salad??? Featuring crispy CHICKEN SKIN??? ¬†Wow wow wow, I’m in!!! Although it’s only a 1-bite experience…let me tell you, the explosion of flavours is unreal. It definitely left a lasting impression. Sadly Hoja Santa no longer¬†offers it¬†on their menu but hey, the¬†award lasts a lifetime.

Hoja Santa Barcelona - CORN, CHOCOLATE, CAJETA

8. Corn, Chocolate, Cajeta from Hoja Santa Barcelona 2016 Spring

Is that a corn? Or is it ice cream? …Actually, it’s both! The geniuses behind Hoja Santa preserved¬†the aesthetic of the corn in this dish but elevated this household staple by combining it with¬†chocolate hazelnut praline and ‚ÄėCajeta‚Äô (a Mexican syrup¬†usually made from¬†sweetened caramelized milk). DELIGHTFUL! FANTASTIC! BRAVO! ūüôā

Barcelona - Santa Gula

8. “Ravioles caseros de setas y gambas con suquet al parmesano”¬†from Santa Gula Barcelona¬†2016 Spring

“Homemade ravioli stuffed with prawns and mushrooms in creamy parmesan sauce”. In other words, Fabulous. The ravioli was chewy, had the perfect thinness, and enveloped a decadent filling of juicy prawns and earthy mushrooms. N and I basically looked up¬†after our first bite, nodded at each other, and continued on. Because good food needs no words. (Lol, oh the irony.)

Barcelona - Carlota Akaneya 1

9. Chargrilled Wagyu A5 Beef and Salted Prawns from Carlota Akaneya Barcelona 2016 Spring

The thing is, when you’ve lived in Japan for as long as N and I have, eating yakiniku outside of Japan just doesn’t cut it. Nor does any other BBQ Meat experience for that matter. However, I’m happy to admit Carlota Akaneya emulates Japanese yakiniku very well. I was utterly impressed by their Kagoshima A5 Beef (A5 is the highest grade¬†given). I was equally impressed by their use of salt for the prawns (they’re grilled over a bed of salt above the charcoal pit). Of course, one must not forget to dip everything in the¬†sauces provided.¬†Itadakimaaaaasu!

SomiSomi Ice Cream in Los Angeles

10. Ah-Boong Creation at SomiSomi Los Angeles 2017 Spring

Who would have thought this would be trending in 2017? A pancake base that boasts a mochi-like texture and embodies the shape of a fish, filled with whatever you like and then topped with soft serve. Let’s not forget the sprinkles and cookie crumbs. Boy, oh boy! My tip? Go for Matcha Soft Serve, Nutella Filling, Rainbow Sprinkles, and…don’t pass on the macaron garnish. ūüėČ Nom nom nom nom.

Lobster Crostino at Bestia LA

11. Lobster Crostino from Bestia Los Angeles 2017 Spring

Fresh juicy lobster tossed with¬†saffron and squid ink aioli, pickled chilies, opal basil, a hint of citrus…sitting on a bed of¬†crunchy grilled bread. One bite and we were done for. An excellent creation indeed. Go for it!

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

12.¬†“Philly Cheesesteak” from¬†The Bazaar Beverly Hills 2017 Spring

Mom and I were seriously impressed by The Bazaar’s culinary take on this American comfort food. Air bread, cheddar foam filling, thin slices of Wagyu beef…$11 a pop and it is worth EVERY penny. I need to hide a stash away for those sad rainy days. Definitely¬†a better alternative to Valium. XD

Urth Caffe Santa Monica Los Angeles

13. Organic Tea Boba (with whip) from Urth Caffe 2014/2016/2017

My first brush with Urth Caffe was back in 2014, when I was living the sleepless life in Tokyo. Everybody went gaga for their waffles whereas -I- melted into a puddle of goo over their organic tea Boba! Thai Red Tea, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Black Tea…love it, love it, love it aaaand yup, love that too. Remember though…you can’t order the boba without adding whip! That would be going against the Boba Code, people.

Giovane Cake Pops

14. Cake on a Stick (Cake Bars) from Giovane Cafe + Market Eatery 2017

These creations take “cake pops” to a whole new level. Scratch that, they take cake pops to an alternate dimension! Pictured above: raspberry krunch¬†featuring dolce white chocolate mousse, raspberry gel√©e, hazelnut krunch, almond cake. And:¬†coconut pineappple featuring¬†coconut mousse, pineapple rhum compote, mango gel√©e, carrot spice cake, mango cremeux, vanilla cookie, lime cream. Lordy, Lordy, Lord Almighty! Bomb dot COM baby! We really hit the jackpot here. I have to find a way to recreate these cake bars, no joke.

Ichiran Ramen Tokyo

15. Spicy Ichiran Ramen from Ichiran Ramen 2012-2015

Basically, this post says it all. Well, and the photo. Don’t believe me? Then take Forbes¬†word for it. 😜

16. Uni Miso Crab Udon from Kingyo 2017

Sooooooo good! Creamy, rich in flavour, huge pile of freshly poached crab meat, garnished with salmon caviar. Dang, dang, DANG!

Red Star Seafood Vancouver

17. Dim Sum Brunch from Red Star Seafood Restaurant 2010-2017

This is a fantastic place if you’re looking for a hearty meal of “Cantonese Tapas”. Of course, “the more the merrier” rings true here but even a group of 3 should satisfy your dim sum cravings! Red Star offers perfectly executed Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice, Shrimp Spring Roll, Rice Noodle Wrapped Fried Donut, and Braised Chicken Feet. Droooooool.

Phnom Penh Chinese Cambodian Restaurant Vancouver

18. Beef Luc Lac with Fried Rice Upgrade from Phnom Penh 2016, 2017

All I will say is: you CANNOT visit Vancouver, live in Vancouver, live NEAR Vancouver, or leave Vancouver WITHOUT trying Phnom Penh at least once (if not twice!). Sure, they’re known for their garlicky fried chicken wings…and yes, the wings are delicious…but not quite an otherworldly experience. The best thing here is the Beef Luc Lac with Fried Rice Upgrade. Tender and incredibly juicy beef atop flavourful fried rice, finished off with a sunny side egg. YEEEEES. #AsianFoodPorn

Hyoga Japanese Restaurant Vancouver

19. Mozzarella Tempura from Hyoga Restaurant 2016, 2017

Lightly battered deep fried cheese…drizzle of teriyaki reduction…dried seaweed and bonito flakes seasoning…Himalayan salt…ooey, gooey, and totally epic. 😋

Miku Restaurant Vancouver

20. Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi from Miku Restaurant 2017

Often imitated, never duplicated…many Japanese food places in Vancouver now offer this utterly delectable flame-torched pressed salmon sushi, but the winner of this award goes to the one who started it all…

(Yui photo here)

21. ? from Yui Japanese Bistro 2017

Often imitated, never duplicated…many Japanese food places in Vancouver now offer this utterly delectable flame-torched pressed salmon sushi, but the winner of this award goes to the one who started it all…

22. Gyukatsu (Japanese Beef Cutlet) from Gyukatsu Motomura Shibuya 2014

Often imitated, never duplicated…many Japanese food places in Vancouver now offer this utterly delectable flame-torched pressed salmon sushi, but the winner of this award goes to the one who started it all…

23. Matcha Obanyaki from Sadaharu Aoki 2014

Often imitated, never duplicated…many Japanese food places in Vancouver now offer this utterly delectable flame-torched pressed salmon sushi, but the winner of this award goes to the one who started it all…

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Pictured: Cotton Candy Foie Gras ($8)

There is something magical about Spanish tapas…particularly when chefs combine it with molecular gastronomy and¬†other cutting edge¬†culinary techniques. Remember Hoja Santa in Barcelona?

So obviously I had to bring mom to The Bazaar by José Andrés before we left Los Angeles. I just knew she would fall in love with the restaurant as much as I did.

Mom was happy with everything we ordered. In fact, she¬†told our server Terrence (who, by the by, is an excellent server so do ask for him when you’re there!) the next time she visited L.A. it would be¬†with a¬†solitary purpose:¬†to eat her fill¬†at the Bazaar again!

I’m certainly not missing out on that trip. Count me in, Lady!

Highlights: the¬†Tortilla De Patatas “New Way”,¬†Seared Mary’s Farm Chicken,¬†“Philly Cheesesteak”, Chocolate Dream Mousse Cake. Mom also ordered the “LN2 Caipirinha” featuring brazilian cachaca, fresh lime and sugar frozen by using liquid nitrogen¬†(tableside service) $20. She LOVED it!

Overall experience: 9.2/10 (service this time around far surpassed my previous experience here in August 2016! Thanks Terrence and Co!)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Tuna Cone ($19 for 2)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

The¬†Tortilla De Patatas “New Way” featuring potato foam, eggs cooked to 63 degrees, caramelized onions ($16 for 2)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Shiso Tempura ($18)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Baby Japanese Peaches featuring Di stefano burrata, toasted hazelnuts, crunchy croutons ($18)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Seared Mary’s Farm Chicken featuring honey dates, mustard caviar and mustard greens ($16)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

“Philly Cheesesteak” featuring Air bread, cheddar foam filling, wagyu beef topping ($22 for 2)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

The inner anatomy of the “Philly Cheesesteak”…so good!

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Dessert is served: French Pressed Coffee, Chocolate Dream Cake, Little Treats

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

The Chocolate Cake of Your Dreams featuring salted ganache, Peruvian chocolate mousse, cocoa butter ($12)

The Bazaar Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Speculoos-filled Chocolate Bon Bon ($3), Coconut Marshmallow ($1), Pecan Pie Cookie ($1)

*Prices are listed in U.S. Dollars


Mom in Warehouse District Los Angeles

Mom posing by a wall in the Warehouse District

So I’m posting my¬†“Mommy-and-Me” trip to L.A¬†super duper late. Because¬†Mother’s Day was last Sunday and it’s now the 20th. I had planned to post this in commemoration of the day but… Argh!¬†(I’m a bad daughter. Total trash. I know. TT__TT)

Anyway, a week before my trip to Dubai slash Yangon slash Bangkok, Mom and I decided to visit L.A.! Dun dun dun. This was a BIG DEAL because it was her first time taking a trip/flying on an aeroplane in over 3 years since her car accident. Believe me, the pressure was ON to ensure every minute of her trip was tiptop awesomesauce. Luckily, I had everything planned out right down to the second I would need to order an Uber for our ride to LAX. So yeah, I got this.

We spent a fair share eating…exploring the different L.A. hoods…eating…getting ridiculously sunburnt (OK that was only me), and yeah…basically, eating our way through the city. Thank God we walked more than¬†64,000 steps. 64,000 STEPS BAYBEE! Anyway, less talking, more seeing. Join me as I look back¬†at how we spent three baddass days in Los Angeles.

Beverly Grove Los Angeles with Snapchat
Exploring Beverly Grove with Snapchat!



  • In 2016, N and I stayed at the Line Hotel. This time I¬†opted for a more budget-friendly hotel and caught some Z’s¬†at the¬†Aventura¬†7.3/10
  • After storing our luggages, we had 2 hours to kill before check-in time so we decided to go forth and conquer our hunger at The Bun Shop. The owner was super nice, he came over to ask us about the food and how we found everything. Mom jokingly (or not so jokingly) suggested he open a branch in Vancouver. CANADA. She never ceases to amaze, that one. (Ordered: Kalbi Bun, Chicken Katsu Bun, Avocado Tempura Bun, Sweet Potato Fries with honey cream sauce, Coca Cola.) We both agreed the Kalbi bun was the best out of the 3…and obv, SPF-lover that she is, Mom went¬†gaga over¬†the fries¬†6.7/10
  • If you’ve been lurking around Instagram, then you’re probably no stranger to SomiSomi home of the Ah-Boong soft cream. It’s a quick stroll from the Bun Shop so we decided to check it out. (Ordered: True Milk + Nutella + Oreo Crumbs ¬†&¬†Matcha Green Tea + Custard + Rainbow Sprinkles.) I’M IN LOVE¬†8.4/10
  • After that we headed back to the hotel, checked-in, and I practically teleported to the room because there were 3 surprises waiting for me there. Amazonian surprises. As in, WOOOH, MY 12-CUP COMMERCIAL MUFFIN PAN AND BREAD LAME AND UNICORN RAINBOW COOKIE CUTTERS. Mom was patient¬†enough to wait while I freaked out over¬†admired my purchases. Ahem.


Panoramic View of a Room at the Aventura Hotel

A panoramic view of my hotel room at the Aventura Los Angeles. And no, I don’t know why Oprah’s on TV. Ask Mom.

The Bun Shop Los Angeles

The Bun Shop LA: It’s a Bao Party

Avocado Tempura (Veg Temp) Bun at the Bun Shop LA

Avocado Tempura (Veg Temp) Bun at the Bun Shop LA

SomiSomi Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Our delicious SomiSomi Ice Cream creations…mmm…


  • Mom wanted to discover the neighbourhood by foot so we made our way to DTLA via¬†8th Street. It was a great chance¬†to soak up some sun. (Remember, we’re from Wet Cold & Rainy Vancouver!) After an hour of semi-sightseeing, I was feeling the pangs of hunger again and, behold the wonders of wonder, found myself in¬†front of¬†Bottega Louie. (LOL! Whatever I told Mom, it was most definitely NOT an accident. ) ¬†If you remember from my previous L.A. post, Bottega Louie is sugar heaven. (Ordered: Opera cake, macarons, sugar donut filled with raspberry jam, coffee.)¬†8/10
  • As it was a Monday, the place wasn’t hustling and bustling so we kept calm, ate our weight in sugar, and chillaxed. I mean, it was necessary. We had¬†to refuel before the next taxing leg of our journey: walking 3.21 km through the Warehouse District to make it on time for¬†our 7:00PM dinner at Bestia! (Again, this was just an excuse.)
  • Wow, wow, wow, look at the crowd! There were so many people waiting for a table I thought the restaurant would burst at the seams. Sadly, this was not an indication of a successful dinner but the opposite of one.¬†After hearing rave after rave about Bestia, I had high expectations. I know, I know. Mistake #1. But Instagram and Zomato can¬†be so compelling sometimes. Anyway, long story short, we¬†ordered the¬†Lobster Crostino ($19),¬†Alla’nduja Pizza¬†($19) and¬†Spaghetti Rustichella ($29). We loooooooved¬†the Crostino. I mean, 10/10 hands down! On the other hand we absolutely¬†hated the pizza, 0/10. My avocado toast in the morning tastes better than that. The only flavour note was: salt, salt, salt, salt. And bread. The spaghetti? Boring. The crab was quality, don’t get me wrong. But the pasta wasn’t cooked to¬†al dente, and after the flavourful impression the Crostino left on us we expected much more from the spaghetti. Ah, how my foodie heart was crushed tonight.¬†5/10

Sweets Ahoy! at Bottega Louie

Pigging out at Bottega Louie Los Angeles

Spaghetti Rustichella at Bestia LA

The Spaghetti Rustichella at Bestia (USD $29)

Lobster Crostino at Bestia LA

The Lobster Crostino at Bestia…SO GOOD! (USD $19)



  • 8AM, we’re up and ready to roll! First stop: Gjusta Bakery. And boy does it not disappointment! It looks as good in person as it does online. Mom and I spent a good 10 to 15 minutes browsing the (very long) line of display cases filled with pastries, cakes, tartines, cold cuts, and sooooo much more. Oh my God. Foodie heaven, baby! We ended up ordering: Baked Eggs with¬†pomodoro, garlic confit, cream and charmoula, which came with friggin’ amazing slices of grilled Sourdough Country Loaf drizzled in Olive Oil ($12), Smoked Salmon¬†Sm√łrrebr√łd/Toast ($3.50), Baklava Croissant ($4), and¬†Drip Coffee x2 ($3.75 each). If we didn’t have a day packed with so many other food stops I definitely would’ve ordered more. Like, the mushroom bowl. Or the multigrain porridge waffle with butter and syrup. And a macadamia nut smoothie. Aaaaaagh, the choices! …My life! 8.5/10
  • Next, we went to explore Abbot Kinney Boulevard. To sum it up: quaint boutique shops, good looking dogs being walked by equally good looking owners, and yummy caf√©s!
  • I bought organic Matcha Powder at¬†Shuhari Matcha Caf√©¬†($22).
  • We stopped by Salt and Straw because, no brainer. I’m not sure if they’ll still have this flavour but we combo’d: Pineapple Star Anise Ripple with Honeycomb Brittle (which they collaborated with students from Westminster Elementary to create and proceeds go to their school’s booster club!) and Silencio Black Tea & Coconut Stracciatella – Vegan. The¬†staff who served us recommended we order Kids-Size Double Scoops to share…good call Mister!¬†9/10

Baklava Croissant at Gjusta Bakery

Baklava Croissant at Gjusta Bakery ($4)

Gjusta Bakery in Venice Los Angeles

Eggs with Charmoula and Grilled Bread Drizzled with Olive Oil ($12) Get this!

Black and White Still of Abbot Kinney in Venice L.A.

Abbot Kinney in Venice Los Angeles

Salt & Straw on Abbot Kinney Venice

Delicious ice cream at Salt & Straw in Venice

Mom posing at Venice Beach

Mom surrounded by succulents and plants on Venice Beach


  • Tummies filled, Mom and I set out for Venice’s neighbour, Santa Monica, by way of Venice Beach. Obviously we made a detour to¬†Urth Caffe¬†for their Thai Red Tea Boba (with whip! One must NEVER forget the whip…)¬†9/10 before reaching the pier. Mmmm…
  • I think it’s silly to eat food you can find at home when you’re away from home but…for quality assurance purposes we ordered a Beef Terimayo hotdog from¬†Japadog. Because. Hey, look at our view! (#Isuredodgedthatone)
  • Watched Boss Baby at ArcLight Cinemas. I swear I can¬†watch that movie on repeat! Theodore Templeton, you cutie!
  • Grabbed and enjoyed¬†a delicious chocolate brownie from Nordstrom’s eBar before heading back to¬†Koreatown. Yes, it was a very Zen-like moment. Chocolate…coffee…sunshine…

Japadog at Santa Monica Pier

Beef Terimayo “Japadog” at the Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles

How about a round of beach volleyball?

Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles

Our view from the Santa Monica Pier

Enjoying Nordstrom eBar with Snapchat
Enjoying a wonderful chocolate brownie at Nordstrom eBar with Snapchat!


  • Ended the night with dinner¬†at Quarters Korean BBQ. They’re waiting area is tr√®s comfortable¬†so if you arrive and find a big queue¬†don’t fret! TV, a fire pit table, and scrumptious¬†drinks await you next door. Ordered:¬†Marinated Beef Short Rib, Seasoned Boneless Short Rib, Grilled Bulgogi, and Korean Nachos. Comes with rice, salad, assortment of banchan and your very own cook who grills the¬†meat for you! No, seriously.¬†8.4/10

Quarters Korean BBQ in Koreatown Los Angeles

Cooking delicious beef short rib at Quarters Korean BBQ in Koreatown



  • 8AM, up and at ’em! First stop: Joan’s on Third by way of Uber. (Ah, we love Uber.) First of all, don’t ask if I spotted a celebrity or someone famous. I’m really really¬†REALLY¬†awful¬†with faces so even if an Instagram or Youtube star¬†or Kardashian was there…I’d be absolutely clueless. Sorry. We did spot a very adorable Frenchie though. Ordered: best ever Buttermilk Pancakes (10/10), Mushroom Quiche, Almond Croissant, Coffee.¬†Do yourself a favour…order the pancakes!!! 6.5/10
  • Dropped by Blue Bottle Coffee for their famous New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee (cold brew) and some cookies (1 Miso and 1 Gingersnap). The cookies were blah, nothing special. But their iced coffee did not disappoint!
  • Next, we headed for Melrose/Fairfax/Hollywood. I showed mom some parts of Hollywood (though not the Walk of Fame because I’m an idiot and forgot and also because I already saw it last year so…yeah, I forgot ). Then mom decided to torture me¬†by walking another 4km (2.5 miles) under the scorching sun¬†back¬†to The Grove to do some shopping. At least I was rewarded with a Campfire Cookie from Nordstrom’s eBar for my efforts. Oh, she’s good. She knows EXACTLY how to play on my weaknesses. Grumble.
Breakfasting at Joan's On Third Los Angeles
Obligatory floor shot at Joan’s On Third with Snapchat! ūüėÄ

Blue Bottle Coffee in Beverly Grove

Cold Brew (New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee) and Cookies at Blue Bottle Coffee

Nordstrom eBar at The Grove

Campfire Cookies from the Nordstrom eBar at The Grove


  • As I was saying, we trekked the entire district of Melrose, Fairfax, West Hollywood and Hollywood. She posed several times.¬†We ate at In’ N’ Out (there were 31 people ahead of me before I could place my order!!! Not worth the wait…at all!!!) And then the real torture began (read¬†previous point).


Mom posing by a Graffiti'd wall on Melrose

Mom posing by a Graffiti’d wall on Melrose Ave

In N' Out in Hollywood Los Angeles

Animal Fries, Double-Double Burger, Coca Cola at In N’ Out in Hollywood


  • For our last meal, we decided on The Bazaar. It’s a no brainer, honestly. You can read¬†all about the delightful dinner, and drool at the photos, here!

The Bazaar by Jose Andres Beverly Hills

Check out our post covering a(nother) mind-blowing dinner at The Bazaar by José Andrés!

Palm Trees Abound in Los Angeles

I hope you enjoyed our curated collection of places to see and eat in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more and drop a comment below if you think there’s anywhere you simply MUST recommend.


Dhara Dhevi Macarons - 61daysofwonder

1. Dhara Dhevi

Let’s jump right into it shall we? First on the list is Dhara Dhevi, the macaron caf√©/cake shop opened by eponymous luxury hotel Dhara Dhevi. Based in Chiang Mai, the hotel expanded its sweet offerings¬†to Bangkok a few years ago and now you can find their decadent gluten-free treats in several malls including¬†Central Chidlom Food Hall, Paragon, Central Ladprao and CTW. Must try: Thai Tea,¬†Mango Sticky Rice, Milk Chocolate Passionfruit, Jasmine and Durian. (I knooooooow, the flavour profiles are so tempting!)

Isao Sushi - 61daysofwonder

Isao Sushi - 61daysofwonder

2. Isao Sushi

What hasn’t been said about Isao? They offer creative Japanese fusion dishes like the famous Crunchy Roll¬†(pictured above), Sushi Sandwich (pictured above), and more (google “Jackie” the caterpillar ūüėÄ ). Another fan favourite is the¬†‚ÄúVolcano‚ÄĚ which is baked scallops in spicy sauce (…geddit?).¬†These are some of the more popular dishes because they never steer you wrong. One¬†word of advice, though: get your¬†nigiri sushi elsewhere. Also, expect a line-up.

Ginzado Yakiniku Bangkok

3. Ginzado Premium Japanese Yakiniku

I used to live in a condo that was 2 minutes away from Ginzado by foot…but I never¬†even spared it a second glance! Oh Angela, let¬†bygones be¬†bygones ok? () At least I have N and his friends to thank for helping me rectify my mistake. It’s never too late to eat good meat, ya’ll!

Ginzado offers an¬†impressive selection of quality Wagyu beef so you won’t be left wanting. We mostly stick to the “jyou” cuts of beef; be sure to order from their specials menu. Mmmmm, grilled fatty meat…so good…

After You Cafe Bangkok

After You Cafe Bangkok

4. After You Dessert Cafe

When I first tried After You, the only things on their menu were different variations of Shibuya Toast and cakes. This was more than 3 years ago. Now they offer kakikori (shaved ice desserts). We tried the¬†Mango Sticky Rice Kakikori and¬†Thai Iced Tea Kakikori…holy. Cow. Stop¬†the presses! ¬†We went gaga¬†over the mango sticky rice…there’s literally a surprise of mango and coconut sticky rice INSIDE the kakikori! Unbelievable.

Kaze Thonglor Bangkok

Kaze Thonglor Bangkok

5. Kaze Fresh

Like I said on my Instagram page,¬†order EVERYTHING from their omakaze menu. Seriously, EVERYTHING. The Omi (A5) Sushi (720 Baht) is like heaven in your mouth (not pictured). What is pictured:¬†“Omakaze 8” (hamachi, ikura, caviar) and¬†“Omakaze 5” (omi wagyu beef, foie gras, ikura, tobiko). The omakaze sushi are all in the range of US $18-25 each so come with your wallet fattened up. But don’t worry, soon your belly will follow.

Stay tuned! We shall endeavour to add more foodie places to the list, and hopefully soon!