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Only have 48 hours in the city that never sleeps? Here are a few places to eat and things to do to get the most out of Tokyo. Enjoy! 🙂

Brunch at Beacon (by T.Y. Harbor Brewery).

Situated in the trendy area between Omotesando and Shibuya, this urban chop house transforms into a cheerful and elegant brunch place on the weekends. Tables are spaced out just right so that you feel comfortable and the sunlight streaming in from the big bay windows truly elevate your brunch experience.

We ordered the crab cakes benedictsteak and eggs, and a few selections from their pastry basket. The cinnamon scroll was particularly divine!

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Asakusa Temple (and the Asakusa Tourist Information Center).

A first-time visit to Tokyo won’t be complete without a stop at Sensou-Ji! I’ve brought my cousin here, Nasser as well; I’ve come with my roommate, and I plan to bring my mom one day too!

The details on the ceiling of the temple are my favourite, along with the pagoda. Buy a few charms (known as “omamori” literally meaning “to protect”) as souveniers if you like!

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asakusa culture tourist information center 2

asakusa temple

Fuji-Q Highlands Amusement Park.

This theme park is near the base of Mount Fuji (“Fuji-San”)! It boasts several roller coasters and other rides that have broken world records in the past. My favourite out of all the attractions is Takabisha because it has a drop angle of 121 degrees! The steepest in the WORLD. What a rush.

Since Fuji-Q is located in Yamanashi, your best option of getting there from the city is the QPack. It’s a special package that includes a ticket to Fuji-Q and a round-trip bus ride between Shinjuku Station’s West Exit and the amusement park (it takes about 100 minutes to arrive there from Shinjuku). My cousin, N and I had such a blast so be sure to check it out!

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fuji-q highlands 2

Yakiniku dinner at Han no Daidokoro.

The sound of meat sizzling on a charcoal heated Hibachi grill is music to my ears. The heady smell, the sight of glistening fat dribbling down the beef as a steady stream of smoke is released, the buzz of excited chatter around me. This is what a 焼肉屋・焼肉店 “yakiniku” shop should embody.

N and I stumbled across this place by complete accident during a shopping excursion in Shibuya one night. A breeze wafted the wonderful aroma of grilled meat to our direction and the rest is history.

I later found out this restaurant has made an appearance on TV several times and is known for its famous Kobe beef! Definitely add Han no Daidokoro to your list.

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Fresh sushi at Tsukiji Market.

It’s no secret that Tsukiji Market is the place to be come Saturday morning when fishmongers and restaurant owners open shop in preparation for the weekend rush of hungry Tokyoites!

The myriad of fresh produce, seafood and trinkets are a sight to behold. I usually purchase my fresh wasabi from here if I need it for any particular recipe. The grilled tuna stickstorched shellfishebi tempura don, and of course sushi are must-eats!

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Hotel Coco Grand (Ueno Shinobazu).

Everyone I know and their grandfather are constantly asking me the same thing when they’re planning a trip to the city that never sleeps: Where Should I Stay?

Depending on their budget (and yours) my reply defers from person to person. I’ve had the blessed pleasure to stay from 5 star luxury hotels to 2 or 3 star business hotels and even lived in an apartment during my half year internship.

One hotel that truly left an impression on me was the Hotel Coco Grand group in Ueno Shinobazu! They have a bakery attached to the hotel and upon check-in you’ll find some goodies left for you in the room. Very scrumptious goodies might I add. The location is convenient and the room is spacious enough for 2!

hotel coco grand 1

 I hope you enjoyed a few of our favourite places to eat and see in Tokyo. Stay tuned for more and drop a comment below if you think there’s anywhere in particular you simply MUST recommend!

If you’re a veteran reader of this site then our obsession with Yakiniku will come as no surprise to you. (C’moooooon, let’s drool over yakiniku together! And there’s more here too! ) But can you blame me? When somebody (someone awesome, probably) posted a plate of 12 assorted Wagyu cuts on Instagram, I was reeled in hook line and sinker. Miyabi was on my mind ever since. It’s about $40-45 per person for the 12-type special platter; the meat comes with sauces and the works (I would rage if it didn’t!!) but you have to order rice separately.

Everything came labelled on fancy bamboo sticks. My boo was happy. My food baby was happy. I was happy. Win-win, my friends! Be sure to check Miyabi out.


When I ventured out of my apartment in the early hours of the morning, I had no idea what to expect. I did expect a long train ride to Kori Station. I expected the rain. I expected a fresh hike through the mountains. I did NOT expect the beauty that awaited me.

The views. The people we bumped into. The smells. Enjoying onigiri we packed half-way through the trek. Feeling the cold droplets of rain run down our cheeks. It was glorious. It was otherworldly. It was…paradise. I sincerely recommend this hike to both visitors and residents of nearby cities. 👌🏼

Spinach noodles, cream broth, baked salmon, salmon roe. It was good but not great.

Tomato noodles, tomato cream broth, shrimp, scallops and asparagus. Very delicious! Highly recommended.

Each set comes with your choice of 3 mini dishes — savoury, or sweet. I usually go for the savoury but either way, it’s a nice addition to the meal. Overall, convenient location, decent food, quick service. ✌🏼

Located just off Waseda-dori in Kagurazaka, Theobroma is obviously known for its chocolate and chocolate-related treats. But a lot of people also visit for the gelato…and by people, I obviously mean me! 😂 The chocolate gelato is the winner winner here. Creamy, rich, smooth and a bit dark…just the way I like it! 😚