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Nagasaki 2
Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch

Life is an exploration of things. The more exploration we make, the more knowledge we gain.

—Erghie Aviles Cabaltica

Hi and welcome!

Like the corner cafe on 41st and Boulevard (in Vancouver, Canada) which has seen a change in ownership more times than I can count in the last decade and undergone more facelifts than Lil’ Kim, this website has changed domain names, themes, and topics many many times.

Nothing ever felt right. Something that seemed to click in one moment felt dull and boring the next. Should we blog about local eateries? Should we blog about tips in digital marketing and SEO management? Family recipes? Should we not blog at all and focus solely on photography?

And then everything changed when the Mister was stationed abroad for four months in Yinchuan, Ningxia, an autonomous state in China. We searched every corner and every crevice of Google for information on Yinchuan and we came up mostly empty-handed. What awaited him there? What awaited us there, once I joined him for a couple of months?

And then the clicks of all epic clicks happened and he suggested we GoPro our adventures in Yinchuan to share with the world wide web. I’ve never filmed anything before so it was a double adventure — in discovering what Yinchuan had to offer, and in discovering my talent (or lack thereof) in the video making verse.

That’s where 61 days of wonder comes from…60 days of the Silver River City (plus a day flying in and out from Van).

N and I, like many of our peers, are travel junkies so the adventure hasn’t and won’t end in Yinchuan. But that trip is where we draw our inspiration from and it is also the catalyst for the rebirth of this site. We hope you enjoy what you find (mostly documenting our pursuit of all things foodie and food related) and if you have any suggestions, comments or thoughts to share…please do! We’d love to chat 🙂

Over and out,

The 61DOW Team (but mostly just Angela :P)